Gowns are just like cars, they have a "style year," and they depreciate the moment they come out of the showroom where they were purchased. The sooner you consign, the better chance it will sell and more money earned.  

** We NO longer consign Bridesmaid dresses or Bridal Gowns with long trains.

We cannot Consign any dress that is older than 3 years.  

To evaluate sales potential, please Email Nanette with photos

How do I prepare to consign?

Bring your gown(s), dress(es) that meet our requirements to one of our locations. Print, complete and bring in the Consignment Agreement (click to download file) with your gowns. Live out of town? No time to consign?
‌E-mail a picture of your items to If your items meet our criteria, we will be happy to consign it for you by mail.

What is the inspection process like?

The White Pear will inspect the items with you and will determine if the items can be sold. If The White Pear decides to sell for you, a contract will be drawn up for the consignment.

What about the selling process?

Your item(s) will be displayed at the boutique for a period of six (6) months. If your item(s) sells, The White Pear will split the proceeds of the sale with the seller, 50/50 for any item sold priced over $100. If item is sold for less than $100, the consignor split will be 40%. Settlements are issued 30 days post sale.

What if my gown doesn't sell?

After six (6) months, if an item does not sell, you have the choice to donate or pick up the item(s) within seven (7) business days. It is the consignors responsibility to remember to contact us at your consignment end date as we have thousands of dresses and it is not feasible to contact you. If you wish to have your items returned, a 24 hour notice is required. Items not picked up are donated to a local charity such as Cinderella's Closet located in Frackville or our local high schools.

What can I consign?

The White Pear accepts the following items for consignment: Gowns and dresses aged less than three (3) years old, (Manufactured in 2017 2018 & 2019) currently in fashion, and in excellent condition (clean and free of stains).

NOTE: We DO not consign Mother's Dresses or Wedding Gowns with Trains. WE DO NOT BUY DRESSES OUTRIGHT.

Do I need an appointment to consign?

No appointment necessary to Consign.